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My second run, I didn't die this time

I set myself a simple goal. Run for ten minutes in one direction, turn around, come back. Run all the way. Don't die. I used Runkeeper to tell me when I hit 5/10/15 minutes.

I did 19:05 min, ran 1.85 miles and feel like I could go a lot further. I am now drinking shit tonnes of water.

Next run Thursday night. I just want to repeat it on that one.

I need some tunes recommendations along the Celldweller/Fear Factory/Bassment Jaxx lines... Pete? ;-)

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2014 Update 2

tldr; Some utter fail but other things in track. It's come to my attention that some of my goals rely heavily on others and there is nothing I can do to fix that!

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Rob's change list

This blog post will be used to catalogue the changes I make to the admin system. And new modules and stuff.

First thing:
Comments - turning off the force-preview to make it optional.
Comments - add the "write comment" box to the end of a blog post, rather than separate page.

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It's here!

There is loads going on on Lack-Of. We're still very much work-in-progress. We'll let the world at large know when things progress to the point where we're happy.