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Thought I’d join in on the resolving:

1.       Lose that last bit of weight.  Not far off where I want to be now, but took a break for the holidays and slipped back a little.  I’m back on it now, I’m hoping this should be sorted well before year end ;)

Its all so simple...

As most of you know, I'm taking care of EMW's rapman 3d printer while he's off in the US. I managed to get it up and running after a fair amount of effort (the car ride over was not kind to it..) and have printed a few bits to replace broken and likely to break components.

Sudden board games

Our regular roleplay sesh on Tuesdays is taking a break this week - so its possible there will be a board games session of some sort tonight.

But we need a decent number to make it worthwhile - anyone interested?

Virtually zero notice, but Fish needs to know relatively soon if he's heading over from Nodnol...

Replies needed by 5pm.

Venue variable. Mine is the backstop.