Adventures in eBay

As part of the pre-move house tidy, we've been getting rid of stuff that we simply don't use, or won't use in the new house. For may part, I've been going through the many crates of stuff I shipped here when we moved from Burghfield Common. I had a huge amount of stuff that had simply not been touched in a decade or more. I've ended up sticking a fair number of items on eBay...I assumed that most of it would go for pennies, however I've had a few stand-out blinders.

Descent : Journeys in the Dark - A Retrospective

For a few years in the 2000's, weekends consisted of a prolonged playthrough of the campaign mode of Descent : Journeys in the Dark. Byrnie, Evil Matt, Aggroboy and myself would meet up every weekend and play though 1-3 of the missions. Absolutely no idea how much time we sank into it, but I remember it being nails hard, even as the power levels of the characters went up and up. We must have sunk hours into it.

I've been activated

So there was a knock on the door the other day and a man posing as a post man handed me a battered amazon box that looked like it had been kicked down a flight of stairs and then run over.

Inside was this message addresses obscured for operational security reasons Code Milk Tray protocol

Signs you're getting old

I've been spending a bit of time updating my media collection recently, and getting it all organised.

I'm sort of coming to the horrible conclusion that films are just sort of...getting worse? When I sort the collection I have by year I have an unbroken list from 1977 through to 2022. The first couple of years are sparse, but from 1984 onwards its incredibly hard to pick a "Movie of the Year"...and about 2010 the list gets sparse again. Is it complete coincidence that this is when the Marvel stuff was really kicking off?