What else do we need?

Are there any other features we should look at before we open it up to the boys. I think adding a sub domain for pete's blog might be nice, such as http://pete.lack-of.org or http://byrn.lack-of.org

What do you think?

I think we get a couple of domains free but we can upgrade the acct, they aren't expensive.


I was going to have a play last night, but didn't get time :-(

I haven't had a proper chance to fiddle with the blog stuff yet, though there isn't a massive amount of complexity to them I suppose. I quite like the sub-domain idea per user.

One thing that probably does need to be done (and I'll look at people with artistic ability) is a logo. The ickle drupal head needs to be changed.

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You're right about the logo, I've posted on bullet about options but have got nothing back.

Also, do you and Byrn want lack-of emails? I(we) can set up forwarding from the siteadmin.

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I'll have one :-D

[email protected], forwarded to [email protected] please.

I saw the post, but haven't had a chance to properly have a think about it. I has an idea bouncing around of having a background image of a _really_ messy desk (screwed-up paper, overflowing files, split coffee etc)

Then the site areas on top of that, with a sort of paper-y colour scheme. If you can get cheesy and make the menu look like hand-written notes etc etc. Does that make sense?

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I am exactly with you. I think the rubbish on the desk should be a conglomerate of our stuff. Photos of actual things/photos and the like. Stuff like your bike alarm fob. The contents of Byrn's pockets. Skunty's DS. Other iconics items.

Like it.

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Apart from some skinning, I think we're configured enough to let the great unwashed on. What do you think?

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Something we've forgotten. Adding it now.

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