Taken not stirred

Liam Neeson's almost but not quite got a good name, but don't let that put you off.

Saw Taken last night. Part Bourne Identity, part Bond, part just a baddass with a mission.

As action movies go, I liked it.

The premise? Retired "Government Agent" and devoted father's daughter gets kidnapped by some nasty types in the land of frogs, snails and long thin bread.

Cue a determined and ruthless rampage as Neeson's character (Bryan)searches for her. He goes about it just the way you'd want to be able to. He doesn't pull any punches. Far from it. A no messing, no holds barred kinda guy that whilst utterly devoted to getting his daughter back is as cool and collected as they come. Emotion is not a handicap for him, it only drives him on.

Fancy watching an action film? Watch this one. It's got action in spades.


Nice review, the film reads a bit like a cliche.

(As names go, James is far more gay than Liam but then that's only your alias, isn't it, Baron?)

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