Counting chickens

Let's hope I'm not counting them too soon, but now I have my CV done and I'm looking at jobs to apply for, this feels better than I have for a bit.

I'm pretty settled with my decision to ask for the redundancy in a couple or three weeks when the consultation period ends and the time to do it comes. I've been looking to move onto something different for a while now and I think this should be the opportunity to grab onto and get me doing it.

I'm making steady progress through a training for PRINCE2 which should stand me in good stead for the Project Management jobs I'm looking at. Once it's all out in the open that I want to go, I may even be able to get this place to pay for the exams etc. They're supposed to be keen on helping people move on.

They're will be a lot of people needing help. They announced yesterday that there will be big losses in another department. A department that was only formed about a year ago. Everyone thought this department was safe, being all shiny and new. You'd have thought they'd have worked out the numbers of people they wanted when they set it up wouldn't you...

Ah well, I've got my plan and having one makes me feel better if nothing else. It's still scary, like some big monster about to get me, but at least now I've got a bloody great stick with nails in to give me a fighting chance.


Good to get that puppy done. Also, it's good to have a plan. I wish my redundancy from MKMV was obvious to spot in advance. We all came in one morning to find we were out of a job in 4 weeks time. It was all very rushed. So much so that they took some of us back on a contract for three months at huge expense. No point judging the corporation by human terms, though. It needed to do whatever it could to survive and I can't knock it for that.

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