Dear Mr cat, let me introduce you to these pigeons

Funnily enough, lots of people at my place are looking for other jobs. It's something you do, when you're told yours is under threat. Being chemists, on the whole, they look for jobs in the field of chemistry.

Someone found some jobs in chemistry.

Organic/Medicinal Chemistry to be precise. Spot on what we do.
In Hertfordshire. That sounds good.
Stevenage and Harlow. Fantastic! People wouldn't even have to move.
In GSK. WTF?!?!?!?!?!

I mean WHAT.....THE.....FUCK???????

As you may imagine people are a little miffed. To say the least. Lets just say, the number of questions being asked per day during the "consultation period" may have just peaked. They're probably just trying to get in the milk round of new graduates and phd students and initial feedback from one of the managers has been that this is to cover the expected losses they'll suffer as people leave after the redundancies are finished.

But seriously. What the fuck?!? They could just make less people redundant if they think they'll lose people anyway. Which planet do HR live on?

Did they think we'd not notice? I suspect they just don't care. What Arses!



Looks like they are getting cheaper people in for 'new' jobs, while getting rid of expensive people in the old jobs. Wankers.

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They've fucked that right up, that's just going to encourage more people to leave.

But then HR typically do inhabit some other realm of reality

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"Looks like they are getting cheaper people in for 'new' jobs, while getting rid of expensive people in the old jobs."

A question I may have asked...

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No doubt, the answer was "OH NO NO NO NO NO NO.



That would be illegal.


no no no

not doing that. constructive dismissal is bad.

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Still waiting for a reply. There are a number of reps around the place that people can contact during the consultation period. They're scientists and are in theory on our side to help us out or back up our arguements. Via the grape vine, one of them has said his inbox has been inundated with questions about this. Not heard about the others, but I would imagine that they are also having the same happen to them.

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Not very constructive but accurately describes my feelings.

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I appreciate the sentiment though mate.

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