Bad dreams and Presidential Joys

Well, at 2:45 and with Obama at the 200 mark (70 to pass the post), I'm very tempted to crash and let history forge a path of it's own. SO, on the assumption that something has to go wrong I wonder if the news story I wake up to will be one of the following:

McCain SHock win (god I will break the radio having to have Nicky Campbell informing me of that)!

Obama shot by rightwing nutter during acceptance speech (well it's going to happen sometime in the next 8 years).

Mutant Space Monkeys have invaded to rape us (definately worth a watch):

oh well, they called some states with 5% of the votes ina state counted but Florid ahits 75% and they still won't call it. I guess it takes longer for Jed Bush to replace all the democrat votes...