Edward Cai Griffiths, Born 28th November 2007, 11:10AM

I'm an Uncle again! Sister has dropped sprog 2, 8lb 6oz (a big one). Baby, Mother and father all well (although I imagine my sister's language was profane).

Oh, and Happy Birthday Edward!

*edit* Time was wrong.


Gratz to your sister! And good uncling to you sir.

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Thanks mate! ;-)

I'm pleased as punch. These birth things are still risky.

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Congratualtions :D

one more to teach songs to...

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"bugga", "bugga" :D

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Nice to hear, congratulations.

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Get it right lad - he was born at 11.20. You've got him 10 minutes older than he actually is! ;)

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A fair proportion of his life, though.

Kate and I refer to the little one as 'Teddy'. No idea if this is going to wind up the sister but we'll have to see.

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I went to see him on Saturday, he was very sweet. Being only three days old, he only really sleeps, eats and thrashes about a bit. I got to have a nice long hold between feeding, it was great. Boo, his elder sister (my niece, for those having trouble keeping up with the program) stat and held him too. She was very proud to have a little brother.

Alex doesn't seem to mind Teddy, as long as it's not Eddie. A piece of information that will, no doubt, be used for comical effect in the future.

Next time I see him will be at Christmas, at which point he'll be much bigger.

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Boo? Real name, or Rob-devised nick-name? :)

I only ask because... well... miniature giant space hamsters and all that. :)

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Actually, Boo is called that by her parents. I think my Bro-In-Lo first called her that.

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I believe he's training her to go for the eyes ;)

I don't think Rob played that game though, so we're probably sounding mildly insane. As per usual.

Two sources for reference ;)

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Nope, didn't play that and you're both mildly insane.

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