Slow internet? Modern devices hate YOU!

So I have yet to have decent broadband, even when my local exchange gets upgraded I get poor connection speeds due to being one of the furthest houses from it. Because of this you really notice when something else is using your connection when you want to, something that has despite much effort over the years has started becoming noticed on my connection quite a lot recently.

I started noticing the problem many years ago when online gaming and my ping would start going crazy for long periods for suspiciously long periods. Eventually I tracked the initial problems down to my new "apple product" which by default was syncing everything imaginable to the cloud with no care for the fact it was not a good time. This was relatively easy to sort out once I found the problem I turned off all the sync options or just disabled the WiFi since it just could not be trusted to use it unsupervised.

Over time this sort of activity would get identified in other things, like windows update trying to automatically download a massive update during prime time gaming ... given my PC was pretty much exclusively used for gaming, if it was on then it was prime time gaming time. But this was solvable, just change it to notify me and when I was ready I could let Windows know it was now a good time and everything was kept up to date at convenient times.

BUT ... now all that is changing, it seems people cannot be trusted to have any kind of control over their updates anymore.

Very recently this has highlighted itself to me with Windows 10 and iOS9. iOS9 does give you the option to start the download of an update, but if you don't do it, it will eventually choose to do it for you ... with no indication at all it seems; this is not the end of the world as there is still the WiFi off option even if it is a bit of a pain. Windows 10 however I am less impressed by, given it now no longer gives you any options to limit the downloads (unless you want to swap to using only WiFi or buy the Professional version and use group policy\registry settings to restrict it) and no way of telling when it would be convenient; this feature is just plain balls!

The price of freedom from idiots who can't keep their systems protected, is eternally unstable internet speed! ... for those who are not prepared to pay even more money for the latest speed increasing options or just don't have the options.


I didn't know that the update options have got worse. That's rubbish. Android still asks you if you want to download the update - mostly because of the extra space it takes off your phone.

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