Devlog #2 - Infinite world

I'm charging toward the more difficult things first and creating a procedurally generated weather map was definitely a big task. I wanted to use a Perlin noise map rather than circle packing algorithms because I wanted there to be dead spaces where you can stop, recoup and not drift off. I might stick in a global wind to gently push you.

It currently only generates a few weather systems, so they do seem to pop in and pop out (when you move a distance away) and the nature of the Perlin noise is that the environment regenerates if you go back to home (although it's really hard to see that in game).

I've started to apply proper architecture patterns to the stuff I know I want to extend soon and have tried to simplify the Weather System Manager, which was getting ugly fast.

Next up is bad guys! I think I'm going to do just brute force behavioural AI with some pretty dull "STRAIGHT FOR IT" pathfinding.

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