Postcards from Los Santos #GTA

I seem to have a cache of photos saved up! Here they are in some sort of time order. Had a great time last night, worked hard and made some tidy cash!


EMW owns a weed farm on the edge of Grapeseed (Blaine County). One of the NPC characters who "works" there is a chap we've named Henry Rollins, because, well, he looks like Henry Rollins. You can sometimes find him working bust mostly he stands about smoking the profits. This snap is of the most we've had together in a single session, Left to Right: Henry Rollins, me, EMW, Big R, Fish, Dwain.

EMW's respect for religion

Since becoming all Yankyfied, EMW has found a new respect for religion. Here we can see him trying to get his whole Command Centre truck into the house of God to be blessed (are the cheese makers).

Can I have a nudge?

Big R loves his weaponised Tampa. I do too, it's superb. And faster than the fully-upgraded standard Tampa (putting guns and armour on a thing makes it faster). He we can see my lowly Vigero gloating over his little predicament.

Let's do some plane missions!

Fish, you can fly. I said. Then I found out that he flies with fucking keys. To be fair, the Rogue (Shorts Tucano) needs more runway than most aircraft.

EMW didn't fair much better.

Bowlers for style in Big Rob's cocaine farm

It was difficult to make this image SFW because of all the nudity going on in here.

It's not a kidnapping

But you'd be forgiven for think it was. "We're kidnapping you to take you to the aircraft carrier, where we're going to force you to steal an aeroplane."

We've put on Balaclavas so...

You know that we're not supposed to be on your aircraft carrier. Not that I'm still sore but we would have won that mission if EMW hadn't flown by the tower perpendicular to the runway. TUT TUT. ;-)

Why you shouldn't fly in heels

Pulling any kind of g-force in heels makes your calves snap above the ankles. I didn't seem time mind, though.

This is not how you use a grenade

You're supposed to pull the pin out and throw it, you lazy cow.

It's like a movie

Where all the protagonists are a bit shit. We worked hard for that money, though.

Big Rob is smoking again

Only after missions. Then he gives up. Until the next mission. He doesn't buy them and it's not a habit if they're not bought.