Postcards from GTA - taking out the bins

After a wank weekend, I did have mucho chuckles last night; thanks all. Glad I stayed for the finale, felt good to round off the evening with an overall success. It occurred to me after we finished that there's a deep irony to the pastiest member of our mini-clan being "Bronze" over and over. Like a Twiglet Adonis. The heists have been really good fun; it's great to have four of us!

Grand Theft Refuse

I like watching two highly qualified tech workers taking out the bins. Get used to it, automation is coming!

Yoink the Product

EMW and Big Fucker hammer down the freeway while Fish shoots... well, everything.

Legendary drive by Fish

We had to drive from the Vinewood warehouse to Mount Gordo with two vans while NPCs chucked themselves into our path. Not too difficult in most circumstances but Fish's truck had sustained an enormous amount of damage before we'd even left. That's what I like about Fish: likes to play things on hard. I didn't think we'd make it with both trucks and we watched Fish's truck health bar tick down until it had completely disappeared. I took a screenie as he arrived; I couldn't believe he made it. Legend.

I only smoke after heists

No, really. And at random too. Left to right: Evil Mat, Fish, Big R and me.

In this celebration cigarette, EMW looks a little bit disgusted in himself. As well he should be! Left to right: Big R, EMW, Fish and me.


These are the cogs in a well-oiled machine.

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