Google Pixel 2 phone

My cold, geriatric hands lost grip on my 3.5-year-old HTC One m8 and by doing so demanded that I got a new one.

I've never smashed a smart phone before. I'd dropped my old pre-smart Nokia about a billion times, even dropping from a train window onto a platform but these modern things are delicate and with the blasé attitude of someone who had never dropped a smart phone before, I didn't have a rubber bumper on it.

First, I made a list of all the things I like about my old phone and what I'd be after in a new one. I had trouble doing that because there was a list of things I didn't like...

  • Huge bezel
  • Bit too wide
  • It vibrates like a fucking tube train
  • Camera got dust in it early on
  • Difficult to hold (this had long been the case)

I was looking at the near bevelless Xaomi Mi Mix 2 with a 2Gb 4G contract but the total cost of ownership (unless I went with a shit network) was too high.

My upper limit was 30/mo but would prefer a 25/mo contract so I headed over the EE site and there were no deals on for me, even on upgrade. Balls.

So it was, put in what I wanted (Android, 64GB storage, 4GB, under £25/mo) and up popped a "" deal (Carphone Warehouse) on the Pixel 2 on EE. I was astounded, this was not offered elsewhere. Feeling like a right ninja, I bought it then and there and the phone arrived next day by DPD.

I need to phone EE and make sure the contract got updated (as it's a downgrade as I was on 4GB sim only before).

The phone is awesome. I love stock Android and the camera portrait mode is great. I need a new social media photo and this'll be perfect to take it. Even Kate likes it, so it looks like she'll be getting one. I've switched off the finger print unlock because I'm paranoid and I bought a bumper for a tenner too.

Really happy with the Pixel 2.


I've got a Pixel 2XL which is basically the same hardware with a slightly bigger screen and have been pretty happy with it so far. The squeezing thing is a bit of a gimmick and I forget it's an option the camera is pretty good has some nice features (the starwars AR tag thing drives my Iphone using friend up the wall with jealousy) and of course stock android is always the best way to go.

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