Things I Like #2 - Blender Guru, Drawing with CSS, Paying with my Phone, @MachinePix, @george_ezra

Still trying to get exciting by doing and learning new things...

Blender Tutorials by Blender Guru

I've been watching these through rather than going out INTO THE SUN LIKE. He does go on a bit but it's lively and he uses the app with a smoothness that I find compelling. Here's part 3 of the series I linked above:

Hmmm donuts...

Drawing with CSS Gradients

It's the kind of mental brutalisation of an innocent technology that I approve of. Why not use SVG? Because we're bat-shit codemongers who love a challenge. For example, this below is CSS only. None of that filthy javascript. Don't worry about the $ if you've not see that before, it's just variables that replace colours.

See the Pen Radar by Jon Kantner (@jkantner) on CodePen.

Tap-paying with my phone

I've tried it in all the shops I do tap-pay and it works a treat. Nice one, NFC. I like this a lot.

Machine Pix on Twitter

So many cool, hypnotic gifs. Look at this flying madness for example:

George Ezra - Shotgun