Things I like #3 -


I love playing with colours. It's half the reason that rebranding always took too long! Paletton is a hand colour tool that has a great feature showing complementary with luminosity values too.

Windows Emoji Picker

It's part of Windows 10 but only switched off if you're not using en-US language. But you can turn it on with a reg hack and then use WIN+. (windows key and full stop). Sadly doesn't work on lack-of 'cos of the DB. I'll fix that.


Sparth is one of my favourite artists. The colours are bold and the style is rough and calm.


I'm not ready to insert Cloudship into the indie community full on but when I do, Jolt will be one site that I will release on. There are so many games that I appreciate that it's going to be hard to stick out; especially as my graphics are crap right now. However, to build an audience, it helps if you show early versions so that people can see the project grow. I've done that on here but it's early days.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Ragdoll violence. It's a laugh that Felix and I have been enjoying. The alphas are free on the link and it's coming to Steam eventually.