Sunday Night Gaming in atmospheric Los Santos

I definitely feel like we're having good times in Los Santos. Popping a good few caps into bottoms. The new missions were fun, I particularly enjoyed my air escort on the water bombing one. I liked that it didn't fail us because you went double chopper.

Thanks also for helping deliver my cargo. If, well, that was what you might call help.

We'll start with Big R's Super Yacht. It's not as super as EMW's, which has fucking neon and shit but it's more super than mine, as I don't have a yacht.

Zoom in on this and you'll see Big R has just ejected from his lazer to get back onto his Super Yacht. Classic move, there. It could only have been improved if you had landed in the pool! Click on this one for a biggy...

Hanging out in the middle of nowhere, with a combat helo. As you do. EMW dressed as some sort of scary fucking clown. Wish there was less UI.

And finally...



Get out of the way, Dave!