From small beginnings

One of these arrived in the post this morning...

P.S. OK I give up... How so you get this up as an image?....

Pete - Really easily...added the break tag to stop it appearing on the front page...

Cheers Pete, that'll be why the img tags didn't work then...


Someone is going aquatic on us...

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It's going to be a MONSTER!

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All the components are pretty much picked now. The main sticking point is the availabilty of some bits.

I bought the CPU Block, because I could only find it in one place in the UK, as everyone else seems to be sold out. I figured that I'd get it before it they too sold out.

PSU is the next thing on the track down list. Currently looking for a Zalman ZM1000-HP or similar. It's supposedly quiet yet powerful. Can I find one? No... OCUK's helpful response was:

"we do not have a clue when this is in stock sir


Warren Dooley"

I guess they can get bonus points for honesty...

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Only this weekend I commented on the lack of water cooled machines that I've encountered. Good luck with getting it all sorted (and dry) mr B.

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