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New Year's Eve Party?

The better half and I were chatting about what to do about New Year. We decided that it might be a good idea to run a party at the house, seeing that there's plenty of room. If I were to throw a party in Lower Earley, who'd be up for it?

iPod Touch

I've just bought a 16GB iPod Touch. I've been saving, selling off old tech, ummming and ahhhhing about getting an MP3 player for some time. Getting the full deposit back from the landlord put me over the edge.

My first day cycling into work

I aimed to set off this morning at 07:30, giving myself a full hour to get there, get showered and sat at my desk as normal. I got all my stuff together the night before so that I could concentrate on just checking the machine over and getting started. I left at 07:28 and ploughed on up to the the Rushey Way, Beech Lane, Wilderness lane, Wokingham road and on.

Tagging and why you should do it.

You'll notice about your Blog post Body box, there are three selectors at the moment 'Real Life', 'Technology' and 'Miscellaneous Tags'. This is where you choose a few words that best describe your post. By using these tags, it will mean that all the content on the site (links, pages, blogs, everything!) can be grouped together by what it contains.