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The state of F

Now nearly 8 months old, Felix is doing new things on a pretty much weekly basis. He's becoming a child with a sense of humour who is extremely active. Perhaps about normal for baby boys - who tend to be more active. He's very social although has proven to 'go off' some of the recurring people - like Uncle Hat (Tristan).


Spooky, it's like me looking up at me

Felix, although still technically a baby is now more of a little boy. He has a personality, desires, needs wants and is more than just a reactive system. Before now you put milk in, he processed it into something ungodly which you collected in a soft hopper mechanism attached to his rump. He's just passed 6 months old now, so it's a good time for an update.

The Challenge

This post is as much for me and Felix as it is for you chaps. It's a record, reminder and a way to make sense of everything that's going on. I've been incognito for some time now and I hope to explain everything during the course of this post.

Meet Felix's Toys

Felix has an unusual name. We always felt that was right. In contrast, we thought his toys should have inappropriately normal names. I had trouble remember who was who, so I took some photos. Then I had an idea. (Click for biggies, 1920x1080)