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Getting things done

It's been a busy few weeks. As I mentioned last time I've been arranging to get my bathroom done. I got in the same chaps who did the garden, and arranged that they would start while I was off on holiday with Gill to Devon.

Vast Expense

The next phase in doing up the house, and probably the most expensive one, is the bathroom. Over summer I went round a couple of places, and was given quotes in the ballpark of £6,000 to refit the place (which , given that the room is 4 square metres, can be considered a lot of money).

Branching out...

OK, not quite running, but its all linked I suppose.

As you probably know, I blagged a long weekend in Spain a fortnight ago. A good amount of that was spent by the pool at the resort, and splashing about. It made me realise 2 things;

  • I quite enjoy swimming
  • I'm shockingly bad at it

A bit of a catch-up

Things have been occurring, and I've not really been keeping track of them. This will be a bit of an attempt to cover the majority of will probably fail.

First off, La Manga. As my previous post pointed out the weather was fantastic. The whole weekend went rather well really, and I fully recommend all-expenses paid holidays to everyone! Some highlights;

    Aching Legs

    Roadrunners has turned a bit brutal in the last couple of weeks... As we move into autumn the distance we are doing is going up, as apparently races over the winter months tend to be longer. We've been handed into the care of a new trainer, who apparently does over 100 miles running a week! At the moment I'm impressed if I clock up over 20 by comparison...

    Horse-based Hilarity

    OK, the modern Paentathlon is possibly the most inspired event at the olympics!.

    Lets take a bunch of people who have probably never even seen a horse before, pair them up randomly with a feisty equine, and then make them showjump. the end result...?