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Signs you're getting old

I've been spending a bit of time updating my media collection recently, and getting it all organised.

I'm sort of coming to the horrible conclusion that films are just sort of...getting worse? When I sort the collection I have by year I have an unbroken list from 1977 through to 2022. The first couple of years are sparse, but from 1984 onwards its incredibly hard to pick a "Movie of the Year"...and about 2010 the list gets sparse again. Is it complete coincidence that this is when the Marvel stuff was really kicking off?

2023 Manifesto

As I said, these will need to be a little fluid, as I'm not quite out of the woods yet physically.

Recover Well

I strongly recommend you never break your shoulder. Prevention is better than cure, and all that.


It's the late 90's (more specifically, I think 1999). I'm a young, naive 24-year old. I've had a couple of tattoos (once on my sternum at Uni, and one on my neck at the only tattoo parlour in Reading...Ians, near Chatham Street). I've got some piercings (my tongue, eyebrow, and one nipple (twice, brielfy...)).

2022 Manifesto

I've not done New Year Resolutions for last year...didn't seem much point due to the huge amount of un-certainty. I did end up ticking off most of my 2020 resolutions, albeit not to the initial pandemics will do that to you!

For me, 2022 will be about adapting to the "new normal". I've lost a commute, and gained a dog, for starters.

Insta360 vs GoPro

I've been using GoPro's for a long time now. First one I owned was the original GoPro Hero HD (released in 2010, capable of 1080p/30, which was unbelievable at the time, most portable cameras were at 640p resolution). I still use a GoPro 5 as a webcam, and have a couple of Sessions (Still my favourite form-factor) for ad-hoc static/mounted images. My normal "go-to" cameras are a GoPro 7 Black and a GoPro Max (360 camera). I still really rate the hardware, however the company have been falling further and further behind on software and connectivity.