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Divorce! (Or life, don't talk to me about life)

In advance of the wedding of the year (again gratz Pete, definitely looking forward to it), it's probably a good idea to lay out where I'm at, save having to explain it on the day.

So as it goes Jayne and I have separated. Not gonna lie, wasn't my choice and I'm a pretty good distance from happy about the whole deal. Never the less, I'm not distraught either. I get why it's gone the way it has and tbh there's not a damn thing I'd change, so there it is.

Thoughts on the Switch

I'm off on a wee European jaunt next week and I didn't want to take my laptop, but I will want to game. How to escape this conundrum? With a Switch ofc.

I picked one up retail 3 weeks ago, but only really had the chance to get stuck in over the weekend, so this is based off a few hours with Zelda.

Setup was a breeze as you'd expect. It did forget the Wi-Fi password once, but otherwise was just dandy. The TV to handheld transition is seamless, although I understand the screen can get scratched if you're not careful.

Study n Junk

After almost 6 years of hard slog the end is officially in sight for my undergrad. By (read 'on') the 6th of June my final paper will be handed in and shortly after I shall discover my final grade... I'm pretty much nailed on for a 2:1 at this point, with a 1st still being a realistic possibility (if I maintain my current grades for the rest of this module then I should get it).

Promotional Pup

It would be fair to suggest that I've had probably my most volatile time of my life since moving up here in the past couple of weeks. The biggest change by some margin has been the arrival of Ghost, here he is:

Pie on Monday

I'll be there. So will Jayne. Pete might even make an appearance if he is so inclined. But will you be there? You should be. If you're not then you won't be eating pie and your life experience will be significantly diminished.

Final Reading Misson of the Year

Evenin' all,

I'll be down in Reading from the 21st - 24th of October. My intention is to make pie on the Friday (unless Pete convinces me that Sweeneys is shut) and there shall be general in town drinking on Friday night.

Saturday shall involve much more focused drinking in the Allied from about 7ish onwards, the format being a traditional lads night.

Is that burning I smell?

It bloody was as well... One of my old faithful gfx cards had died a heat related death closely connected with the fan deciding that spinning is not the done thing.

Not altogether bad timing given that it was my intention to upgrade in the next month or so anyway. Not knowing much about hardware I've pretty much decided to go with a build recommended by bit-tech:

Scotland - 4 Months in

I've been living in this city for a fair while now, so it's high time I blogged about it. Also if I don't do something other than Civ for a bit, I'm going to end up trying to settle the field out the back of the flat...

Things I like: