Well Fuck!

Looks like the world is going to hell in a handbasket.

It's bloody typical that I just get my green card only to have this country slip off the deep end by electing human embodiment of the colour orange and generally terrible human being DJ Drumph as their president

Guess come january when he takes the reigns of power I'll be shipped of to some camp for suspicious foreigners over here taking jobs from hard working amuriCans and be made to build a wall and pay for it. Just as well I'm a white hetero foreigner as there are likely lower levels of hell for those unfortunates not in that still privileged class although as an atheist with jewish ancestry maybe that moves me down circle or two.

The most heart breaking part about this is that the people who voted for him who did so out of sense of abandonment by the non insane regular money grubbing lying politicians who did so because they genuinely believe he will "make america great again" get them the jobs they've lost improve their lives and communities taking things back to a non existent golden age and make good on the promises of making their lives better are likely going to be fucked as hard if not harder by his rule.

He's preyed on the feelings of the disenfranchised and the marginalised, exploited their fears and the othersides complacency to get into power as worked so well in the brexit camp earlier

It shows how out of touch the main stream political machine has become and how complacent.

I don't know what this means for the world in general as with brexit what happens in a world with Trump at the helm of the worlds remaining super power is very much unknown for all his crazy rhetoric he's not really consistently put forward any sort of concrete plans and often contradicted himself depending on who he was talking to and what day of the week it was.

I guess we just have to take things a day at a time and hope he doesn't wreck this country and indeed the world too badly. Maybe it will serve as a lesson to the status quo politicians that business as usual will no longer fly with people who've been lied to exploited and ignored in favour of the needs of the rich and powerful.


The one thing I am praying for is this:

Maybe it will serve as a lesson to the status quo politicians that business as usual will no longer fly with people who've been lied to exploited and ignored in favour of the needs of the rich and powerful.

I think his acceptance speech was an indicator that the leash is on. It was a well tempered piece that didn't look in the slightest bit natural. With that super rich getting super richer and foodbanks becoming more common, there is something hugely rotten with the West that no amount of blaming foreigners is going to fix.

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It's a nice thought, but I'm pretty sure he is a member of the super-rich (current net worth estimated at somewhere around $4.5 billion). He's very proud that he's dodged paying tax for a couple of decades. Why would he suddenly decide not to play the system to his own/his business interests benefit?

He has a good track record of saying whatever it is people want to hear, even if it contradicts something he's said earlier.. A quick scan of his Wikipedia page (about as much research as I can be bothered to do, though I accept that most public media has a literal-leaning tendency) suggests his economic "plan" (use of inverted commas to suggest plan is a bit strong) will directly favour him, reducing corporation tax and removing estate tax.

I'm probably a conservative with liberal leanings (self-diagnosed, feel free to differ), and I think he's a toxic, lying sack of shit, and he's used innate white racism to fuel his bid.. I strongly suspect that he will come out of this a lot richer, with most other people being a lot poorer.

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You're right, of course. I am trying to see the bright side of it.

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One of his stated policies is he's going to kill the affordable care act (obama care) which will really hit those in lower income groups hard. Most of the really poor get covered by medicaid but there is a band in the middle that are too poor to afford insurance but not poor enough to qualify for state help. Obama care to an extent fixed that gap (there were still gaps left but due to nut job politicians refusing to accept free no strings attached federal tax money to pay for it one of the most selfish boneheaded moves imaginable).

The other part of that act is the insurance companies have to allow people to get insurance even if they have preexisting conditions that goes away those people will suddenly not be able to get insurance if they have cancer or some sort of existing ailment.

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The election was very much like a fairy tale; America took its cow to market and in the end was left with a choice between an old woman offering dubious apples and an old man offering "magic" beans.
They made their choice, they will plant their beans and hope really hard that something grows and they eventually find a goose which lays golden eggs … but more likely they will just make excuses why the beans achieved fuck all until the next con-artist comes along to prey on them.

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