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Cult Of The Lamb: Roguelike with Settlement Building and NPC management where you manage a cult as a lamb

Cult of the lamb is a very strange game with a somewhat twisted sense of humor and a very distinctive art style. Elements of games like Hades or Dead Cells with roguelike dungeon runs added to a settlement builder where you manage resources and cultists akin to something like Stardew or Oxygen Not Included with this very distinct paper cut out in 3d graphics like Don't Starve with cute music and sprites and this very dark sense of humor.

Diablo Immortals: Not a bad diablo game with a shitty end game and some of the worst greedy monetization ever seen ... DO YOU NOT HAVE PHONES!

So Diablo Immortals is smashing records left and right unfortunately they are records for worst user score with it currently in the top 5 of the worse scored games of all time on metacritic.

I wasn't expecting much from this late season April fools joke given it was NetEase and Blizzard two terrible companies their powers combined for double awful mobile game nonsense.

But what has come out is worse than most people even guessed at.

Vampire Survivors : The other game I've been playing where you die over and over but this one's 1/20 the price of the other

Vampire Survivor is a rogue-lite ... wait come back it's good ... if you like that sort of thing.

It sort of came out of nowhere and went from a little known extremely cheap game (think it's $2.50 at the moment) to being all over the blogosphere the youtubs the twitchers and tictacs

On the surface a very simple game you control a vampire survivor through a series of environments with their own set of enemies bosses and environmental pecularities and just have to survive collecting power ups by gathering the gems enemies drop.

Elden Ring

I'm not really a Dark souls person I find the gameplay mechanics somewhat frustrating the fail Die fail die fail die fail die maybe succeed die mechanic gets grating after a while and every time I've tried one of these games I've usually bounced off it fairly quickly. Even some of the dark souls like often get annoying the most recent God of War or the Jedi Fallen Order being notable examples.


Played a bit of this just to try it out.

Their interface is still as shit as it was the first time through. Incredibly difficult to work out what is what and how things work the various module controls for stuff on the drillship are not really explained and because of the design half the time they are positioned behind other stuff.

Diablo 2: Resurrected

I was a huge fan of Diablo 2 back in the day. I can remember when it came out and I was working a summer job at what was then videologic (now imagination technologies) and one of the other summer interns and I playing it multiplayer a lot in our breaks (even one week when the boss was out basically for the whole week :D). So there's a lot of nostaligia there, I also like the game type I've put a lot of hours into Diablo 3 and Path of Exile and Torchlight and Grim Dawn and the various other more modern versions of the ARPG genre.

Back to wearing trousers again for approaching 3 days a week

So back in the office, they've got us in for 60% so three out of the five days. It feels weird not least because we currently have to wear masks all the time which is not working that well with my glasses basically looking at everything through a fog. It is nice to have multiple monitors again.

They also changed all the door locks when we were out so none of our badges work and they didn't bother to tell anyone so there were a lot of confused people prodding doors that refused to open.

The Secret Life of Components

If you ask an engineer of a certain age such as myself what one of the influences of learning about technology and how things functioned was in your early years I suspect a lot of them would mention The Secret Life of Machines. Broadcast in the late 80's the show covered how various common machines functioned in terms of their history development and general internal mechanics. It was presented by inventor and artist Tim Hunkin and special effects and roboticist Rex Garrod (who made Brumm and starred in early seasons of Robot wars).

Some 3d printing stuff

I've been messing around with 3d printers for a while and tried a lot of the options for machines and support systems over the years. I was having a tidy up to sort out the mess on my workbench and found one of the old raspberry pi astroprint units I'd used with one of the older 3d printers I had which I replaced with the excellent Prusa i3Mk2.