DJI Inspire 2 Coming soon also the most ridiculous use of a drone ever at 2:25

Fairly standard upgrades faster a dedicated fpv camera and then micro 4/3rd 4k sensor with interchangeable lens mounts for primary cameras and it will shoot in raw mode and record direct to an onboard pcie ssd (probably m.2 by the looks of it)

It has the phantom 4 obstacle avoidance systems and now an upward looking sensor to avoid obstructions above it

better battery life faster speeds

Really stupid video at about 2:25 why are they using it as a film camera holding the drone by it's arms and waving it at an on the ground static shot and they expect us to believe that is a real movie set and a camera man would actually do that?


The news the next day, "Camera man loses arms in freak filming accident after pressing the wrong button on the camera\drone".

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My sister uses these at work quite a lot. This looks pretty goo. I love that most of the flying footage would be illegal in the UK without CAA permission and license!

I don't buy the "using it in place of a standard camera".

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I am going to assume it is an in-joke, referring to how GoPro let you use the gimbal and camera to film things when not using the drone's flying capabilities.

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I know the inspire 1 was popping up in tv production quite a lot mythbusters used them and more advanced drones for their last series and got some incredible footage.

It doesn't look like there is anything revolutionary in this but it's added all the latest innovations DJI have made into their flagship professional drone and it looks like a fantastic aerial photography platform the split of the main and fpv cameras makes a lot of sense for something designed for taking footage and allowing independent operation of the drone and the camera

but it is just silly to suggest it could replace a ground camera

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They also just came out with an upgraded phantom 4 the pro which has a better sensor a 1 inch with a f2.8 lens and better collision avoidance it now has front and back camera based avoidance and then an IR time of flight system on the sides. Higher capacity battery new controller.

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This just landed in my inbox, which may answer this...

The clip of them using the drone as a Steady-cam came from the filming of a 13-minute short, exclusively using the Inspire 2

One of the shots they come up with had the drone flying in, then someone catching it, and continuing the shot using the drone as a steady-cam (a shot of this is at ~16 seconds in on the Making of video embedded below, and in more depth at ~3:15).

Admittedly this film was commissioned and paid for by DJI, but not a bad proof on concept, and much cheaper than the old way of doing this sort of shot (a large platform on a boom, with a cameraman equipped with a steady-cam standing on it).

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That's cool, thanks for sharing that. I think using drones in this way is a neat idea when you don't need sound.

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I quite liked the catcher wearing a hockey mask.

He was the second catcher. The first one was...less equipped.

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