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So, 5 days into what will probably be 6 weeks without my primary hand, and I'm finding it a quite frustrating experience. I can't write, use a mouse (other than club-handed in my right hand), and a myriad of other common actions that you typically use both hands for (cutting up food being one. Fortunately most of my shoes have elastic laces...)

In order to try and get a modicum of productivity going, I've picked up a cheap Windows tablet PC

This lets me do some stuff without an additional peripheral in my right hand (finger drawing flow charts, handling email with basic gestures etc). My normal working process is/was to work with paper and pencil, then re-work into MS Office. I work almost exclusively in the language of annotated flow charts normally, interspersed with annotated screenshots, then rounded out with bullet-points and pseudo-code/structured language.

I have some basic stuff loaded onto the tablet (OneNote, with its basic drawing capability, and Office365 Online) for productivity...can anyone recommend any touch-enabled tools (ie, very little right-click requirements).

On the more fun side, as a full Windows machine it also has Steam! I initially thought Command and Conquer would be awesome, however that right-click comes back into play. I've discovered Defence Grid has touch-enabled controls, and runs fine (low graphics capability, but OK CPU and memory). Any other games on Steam that people could recommend?


is it advanced enough to do the alternate right click where you use two fingers? I know a lot of the multi touch things like chromebooks tablets etc support that not sure if windows does.

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hmmm looks like it does it with touch and hold on windows that's not ideal for gaming

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Yeah, its touch-and hold for right-click. The Steam client is a bit balls on touch, but the Big Picture version is good.

Generally speaking, if something has had touchscreen considered it works really well, but plenty of things work badly. For example, pinch-zoom on Google Maps in browser changes the scale of the browser, not zoom in on the map (I suspect if it was a specific app it would behave as expected).

I'm quite impressed with the hardware, it is very much a Surface-lite, and perfectly suitable for video, finger doodling, Office, and can run old games (the GPU being the limiting factor). The big bonus over an Android tablet is the USB support and being able to use any software (within reason...only 64Gb of system storage, with a 128Gb SD Card). I'm going to try it with Lightworks to see if can hack video editing...

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Could you get an older civ working? After a brief Google, 4 looks like it might be worth a punt.

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Good call. I have Civ4 on my Steam account... I'll give it a go...

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I've just started playing Battlevoid:Harbinger on Android which is similar to FTL and so far I am enjoying it alot. It is also available for PC but I don't know if the PC version is touch enabled.

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I picked up Battlevoid:Harbinger at 80% off... no touchscreen support unfortunately...

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