Fortnite might make a good weekend game at some point

Still in early access but supposedly pretty solid and from Epic mega games who sort of know how to make multiplayer games

A 4 player coop game of two halves part one in the day you scavenge materials and build a fort make weapons and traps then part 2 night comes and you repel a horde style attack filled with monsters.

It has four different classes that have different play styles

so minecraft crossed with L4D running in unreal 4 and featuring overwatch style loot boxes

Pricing is a little odd it might be going free to play but at the moment it's paid for early access with a load of versions which amount to bonus loot boxes and some extra starting characters.

So since it's going to be free 2 play at somepoint down the line it's probably something to keep an eye on rather than something for now but it looks like it might make for some fun gameplay


When it goes F2P, I'm well up for it. I checked out the alpha costs and thought....ah.... no.

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I had a look at this, however everything about it screamed "GRIND!!!" and "MICROTRANSACTIONS!!!". Genuinely surprised it's been launched as a paid title, when it's clearly been built around purchaseable upgrades. I mean...Early Access, but fully operational in-game store?

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Yeah, you raise fair points. If it's just us playing, I'm not sure if the GRIND or MICROTRANSACTIONS really matter. They haven't really bothered us in the past, we tend to spend money on the game as we like rather the being forced to keep up with the Joneses or being at a disadvantage. Probably because we tend to PvEveryoneElse rather than each other.

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