Opus Magnum: Space Chem but steam punk

The latest game from Zachtronics Opus Magnum is essentially Space Chem but with a steam punk esthetic and with some slightly different constraints

You use an alchemical engine that consists of moving arms and various modifying runes to take inputs and turn them into a desired output.

It's basically like most Zachtronics games

I'm quite a fan of their work and have enjoyed most of their efforts from space chem to infinifactory even tis-100 and shenzen io (that get quite close to the sort of thing I do for a living but slightly lower level) are quite fun.

This is basically that same sort of game again but packaged with a tale of steam punk alchemists and powerful aristocratic houses fighting

some of the solutions other people have managed to the puzzles are incredibly elegant. Mine not so much, like space chem it shows you the histogram of cycles to complete the task as well as cost and area of your attempt and then everyone elses.

It even has an option to record a gif of you creation.

All in all if you liked space chem it's more of that