Far: Lone Sails

A charming little game about piloting this odd land ship across a post apocalyptic landscape. At first you have to fuel it to keep it going by running around inside pushing buttons to run the generator and releasing steam loading new fuel and then stopping to grab more fuel off the ground as you roll along. Then you get sails that allow you to use wind power and as you progress more and different upgrades.

The landscape of this odd post apocalyptic world rolls past in the background as you go and periodically you have to get out to overcome some obstacle on your path.

The art style and music is great telling a story with no dialogue or text just small elements in the world. It's a short game but a interesting and fun experience it's on sale on steam for about 10 dollars.

you can get a feel for it in this video.


Defo going to grab this when I get home. Thanks for the hot tip, EMW!

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