Bit more blender mucking about this time a robot leg made to look like it's hydraulically driven

Little test piece of animation I did of a robot leg doing a single walk cycle
simple modeling materials and shoddy animation as it's just mainly a test to see how I could get the armature system to drive the pistons on the leg to make it look like it was being hydraulically driven. So the bones all use ik targets and various constraints to move the parts of the pistons automatically to line up as the leg moves


The exceptionally cool. It's a bit hard to view on the video because it doesn't look. Any chance of another render with a few loops?

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You can get youtube to loop just right click the video hit loop, I tried to get it to do that automatically by adding it to the tags in the embedded html as per some online help but I guess thats not supported anymore

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Pro tip, thank you!

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I've done it, but it re-loads every time as it's not properly supported in HTML embeds. Better if you do the right-click > loop.

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