PAX East 2020

Got round to editing up some of the video I took when I was out at PAX East in Boston earlier this year. Look at all those people shoulder to shoulder none of that these days.


I enjoyed that! I'm merging together two massive lumps of code, so it was great to have it on the second screen and dip into. I'd like the music to be a lot quieter - perhaps about 25% of your voice level and I really liked the slowmo escalator shots onto the main floor.

Grounded does look like an SNG candidate!

Lovely video, thanks for sharing. :)

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Yeah I find judging what level to put the music at tricky I spent more time adjusting that than most of the editing. I also don't know Resolve's audio tools very well it has a dedicated audio mixing system called fairlight or somesuch but so far I've not worked it out and been using the less precise tools on the NLE timeline.

I had a lot of issues getting the footage from the car to work properly the clips played ok in the editor but when rendering it out it would often fail with unable to decode file errors. In the end I stuck all the files in blenders video editor and just re coded them as a single file assuming its less sophisticated tools would be more resilient to whatever nonsense was in the tesla video footage. It's why the ordering of the sequences in there gets a bit screwed up with me pulling up to the parking place twice then parking then driving some more.

I did get to the point where I felt it was good enough and didn't feel like messing with it anymore as transcoding 4k60 footage takes bloody ages :P

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When rendering, was your machine overheating? That caused Resolve to shut down a number of times for me. You can set the render speed to something that not "eat my machine" on the render tab, left hand side, File button, render speed:

Mixing audio
In the timeline, at the top left hit the Mixer button and then you get volume mixer for each track. Here's mine for the Clomper vid. A1 is my voice track, A2 is the music.

You can also set the levels on the actual audio track, I'll do an image if you want to see that.

Using Fairlight for Recording
I record using fairlight but don't mix with it. Here's how I get it to record.

1. Click on "No Input" on the track you want to record, in this case A1, this will give you the popup in the middle.
2. Select your microphone inputs (there are always 2, for Left/Right, even if you have one mic)
3. Audio1-L and Audio1-R should already be selected. Close this window
4. Select the little red R on the track
5. Hit the record button

Then you're recording.

Bit of a faff.

Hope that helps!

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It wasn't overheating it wasn't even crashing just stopping with an error message part way through the render some sort of frame error I think it was still functional afterwards. The "dash cam" recorded raw footage out of the tesla is often a bit dodgy there are weird coding errors and missed frames it's down to the fact the recording part of it is basically a byproduct of the autopilot something they bolted on just because it has all the camera data running through the computer anyway so they just hacked in a system that just dumps it out in chunks haphazardly on command to a usb stick then they added to that rigging it to trigger on movement for the sentry mode. It's a bodge they've been slowly improving on. They are finally going to add a mechanism to look at the sentry footage in the car rather than having to pull the usb take it to a computer/phone of some type then manually go through it.

I fiddled with those mixers but couldn't work out how you controlled them with keyframes to allow releveling or adjustment etc for different clips and points. Maybe it was because I was looking at it in the fairlight and that doesn't let you do it or some such. Instead I just sliced up the audio and dragged the level up and down in the edit faded it out or in as need be. I found a similar issue in the colour grading you can set keyframes on node controling everything but the colour wheels so if you have a clip with a stark change in lighting you need more than one setting in the grading but I've yet to figure out how you do that nothing seems to let you record those levels and control when to use what. Sure there is a tutorial somewhere that goes over it but I've not had the time to find it and a lot of the online tutorials seemed to be for older versions of resolve and not apply to the current one.

I've been using Audacity for recording.

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It might be worth checking what format the raw footage is in. A lot of NLE support for HEVC is still poor...which is what a lot of compact cameras are going over to to improve storage rates. VFR can also muck some render pipelines up (a lot of phones use that, again to minimise data transfer).

I use Lightworks, and they still have HEVC support as "beta", but that said the last couple of revisions it's been fairly stable apart from some weird glitches at the start of clips (which can muck up auto thumbnails until a keyframe is processed) and rendering low-res proxies into Cineform.

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I think it's a h264 variant on mine

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