Lego Tantive IV Build

I built this Lego Tantive IV kit earlier this month. It's one I've been debating getting for a while as I really like this kit with a nice replica of princess leia's ship from new hope both inside and outside with a little room in the middle a cockpit and a little escape pod complete with little r2 and 3po. Figured with the lock down now was the time to get this.

Great fun to build although I had one missing part a triangular bit on one of the sides hopefully lego can replace that at some point.

Took ages to edit this for some reason requiring an awful lot of computing power :D


Such a cool model/ship. So very 70s! Thanks for the tour.

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I am going to assume the entire video was a blender render and nothing is real.

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You're a blender render.

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Damn you caught me I spent the last six months painstakingly recreating the tantive kit in blender as well as a model of myself and my livingroom then using those models to make a full simulation of it being assembled faking timelapse to hide the various obvious tell tale signs of it being cgi. I did it to save money as the kit is fairly pricey though of course the expense of the render farm time was much more than anticipated so I think it's a wash savings wise.

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I got three comments on that video with essentially the same comment something about being "yt friends" which seems like something that isn't real and since the first comment came in about 10 sec after I uploaded the thing I'm thinking bots trying to get reciprocal real subs

not sure why this is the first time I've gotten this sort of nonsense must have hit a keyword or something. With my massive 2 subscribers I don';t think it's for my incredible youtubs clout

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Yeah, I get that a lot. Bots.

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