Diablo Immortals: Not a bad diablo game with a shitty end game and some of the worst greedy monetization ever seen ... DO YOU NOT HAVE PHONES!

So Diablo Immortals is smashing records left and right unfortunately they are records for worst user score with it currently in the top 5 of the worse scored games of all time on metacritic.

I wasn't expecting much from this late season April fools joke given it was NetEase and Blizzard two terrible companies their powers combined for double awful mobile game nonsense.

But what has come out is worse than most people even guessed at.

The worst part is early game this is not a bad mobile Diablo game it's pretty fun hack and slash and they even ported the thing to PC and it's "free" to play on the blizzard battlenet launcher.

But it's a mobile game so that means predatory monetization. The XP grind at higher levels becomes egregious but the real trick is ... say it with me ... lootbox

They publicly declared that you wouldn't be able to buy gear in their store but where they wriggle out of that is gems which they argue are not gear. Although they are basically the most important gear in the game in terms of how the effect power levels.

If you've played diablo 3 you'll be familiar with the mechanic of socketing gems into gear for stat boosts or additional effects and for the best stuff at end game is legendary gems. These can only be gotten from elder rifts a sort of horde mode game thing in the original diablo 3 but in immortals these have a system where you spend a resource called crests to boost the rewards.

To get the best shit you need to put in legendary crests up to 10 of them (which costs about 25 dollars for a single run) these can't really be earned through game play (you can get three a month or something like that) if you don't spend these crests or spend the low level gameplay earnable crests you get nothing literally nothing.

Even then paying that money you mostly get gems that are max 2 star. To get the best gems (which are upgradable to 5 star) the percentage is something like 1 in 2000 with supposedly some bad luck protection for every 50 drops although I saw someone spend 4k dollars and get no 4 star or 5 star gems. Lower level gems can't be fully upgraded so you want those high star gems.

But even if you get those gems you then need to upgrade them to max power and for that you need even more resources and eventually more of the same gems type. Then there are levels above that and of course it all costs money and the level involved is fucking insane.

Someone calculated the cost to upgrade a full set of gems in all your gear to maximum is about 100k dollars and that's only for one character as purchases are not account wide they are for one specific character. And that's if you get lucky given it's all rng you could spend much much more than that.

But surely there's a gameplay path that just takes longer? Nope you can grind some of it but there are items you cannot get without paying real money.

But how about if you spent just the bare minimum? Well people have estimated it would take decades to get to max power. Just a single run of the elder rifts with the 10 legendary crests is going to take 3 to 4 months to earn without paying real world cash.

It's greed taken to an extreme level and given it's basically gambling the game is banned in Belgium and Holland

I'm sure some of this may be ratcheting given it's still in "beta" so they take these insane levels and maybe drop them to slightly less insane but still it's egregious

So in short avoid this like the plague. Just buy Diablo 3 or play path of exile


...I saw someone spend 4k dollars...

This succinctly sums up why business models like this exist.

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Pete is right; it's sick, weird but it works. Look at Star Citizen. I mean, fuck sake. Star Citizen.

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and like star citizen it relies on a very small proportion paying extreme amounts of cash to make it work the giga whales

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I also saw today that the streamer who had the 4k spend for no 4 and 5* gems is now up to 10K with no gems :S

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I wonder what his stream revenue is? What with sponsorship, they can earn good money.

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I'm sure they're making money out of it in some fashion after all it's popular content at the moment plus all the articles and such pointing new viewers in that direction will have a net positive in general

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Now you too can experience the lack of drops from the comfort of your own home without spending a penny with the amazing diablo immortals rift simulator !!!!!


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