I've been activated

So there was a knock on the door the other day and a man posing as a post man handed me a battered amazon box that looked like it had been kicked down a flight of stairs and then run over.

Inside was this message addresses obscured for operational security reasons Code Milk Tray protocol

Naturally I'll be on the first flight out tomorrow to execute this important duty. I'll be headed right for the locus the inciting incident of the original trouble makers and those lousy tea wasters in Boston.

The package seems to have been directed through a third party perhaps to avoid detection by the CIA. Also parcel force explains why the box looked like someone had drop kicked it into the van.

And then here's a look at the contents. I tried the jamie dodgers which were somewhat fragmented but other than that were a welcome taste of home.

So before I head over to start the third Anglo-American War I'd just like to thank my handler for this thoughtful gift :)


Before you devour the contents of the box you should probably check that they are not "spy gadgets" disguised as British confectionary. It would be tragic if you choked on a Jaffa Cake ninja throwing star or a C4 Jammie Dodger (with Chocolate Finger detonators obviously.)

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Big Rob and I had nothing to do with it. Happy Birthday!

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