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2014 Update 2

tldr; Some utter fail but other things in track. It's come to my attention that some of my goals rely heavily on others and there is nothing I can do to fix that!

2014 Update

So, I made some resolutions. Let's see how I'm getting on.


  • Arrange weekend activities to do with Felix as he's old enough to do cool stuff (we have a list now) - DONE! He's had Chicken Pox, so we've been broken for the last three weekends.
  • Buy a tag along bike extension (spring) - This month

Well, bloody hell if Planetside 2 isn't getter better!

SOE don't hold back from fucking about with Planetside 2! They really do get stuck in with both feet and I think it is keeping the game fresh for me. Many of the tweaks are small and welcome (balance, weapons), some I don't give a monkeys about but loads of people seem to buy them (hats, camo, model mods for vehicles) but some are big and my god, are they good.

2014 is going to be my bitch

2013 was slack, pretty much because I didn't put any goals in place to achieve. I didn't try to do anything except change job and get spending under control, which I did.

Here's the plan for 2014.


  • Arrange weekend activities to do with Felix as he's old enough to do cool stuff (we have a list now)
  • Buy a tag along bike extension (spring)

Tech Conundrum

So, I have a Razer Nostromo (actually a Belkin n52te but same thing) and the only thing that bugs me about it is that the top row of keys is the "QWER" row, not "1234". This makes for some annoying working-out-how-to-switch-weapon moments.

Introducing Steampunk Space Pirates

I want to write a game. So does EMW. So we're going to. We've been doing a lot of reading, researching and playing with technology since the last Fishcon and we're making progress. We're going to make a game that is a cross between Artemis, FTL and any realtime top-down shooter (like Alien Breed). Players work together to keep their ship alive while exploring and killing.

Pottering about in a virtual world

I tend to get snatches of time during the weekend - 30 min here and there. I don't get to sit down and properly game until after 8pm, once Felix is in bed, we've eaten and the washing up has been done. Boring stuff. Life stuff. My proper gaming has been the engrossing Planetside 2, with it's ridiculous battles. When I get bits and pieces of time, I play Minecraft as I can do a bit and leave it.