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Bloody Nora - Planetside 2

I've been dabbling in P2 this weekend. I've been looking for something to fix my FPS habit since the days of "Don't trust my landing, lads". Planetside 2 is free and therefore makes me suspicious about power levels/unlocks and buying a win. I honestly can't see that being a problem on P2 (you'll see why). Hunting as a lone wolf works perfectly, as does in a team.

Wotcha playing in Sep 12?

Gaming wise, I'm about to have a bit of a shift, I think. I love returning to Minecraft for a bit of a "holiday", it really feels like a second home and I can potter around like a digital garden. I'm still planning on finishing CSA, and improving the underside now it is up so high.

Torchlight 2

Sell me on Guild Wars 2

The next game purchase I am likely to make is GW 2 but I am not convinced it's for me. Noel (office gamer chap) says it's going to change the world. I know there are some GW1 fans on here. Anyone catch the Beta? Any thoughts? Opinions? Half formed points of view welcome!

Felix is now a little boy

Babies are annoying. Pink, fat, you stuff food in one end and wipe crap off the other. Keep it warm, fed and clean and you won't kill it. They don't do anything entertaining. Toddlers are terrifying. They get up, run around, get their hands onto everything. They're anarchists that don't have the language skills to express themselves.