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All the tastes of home

yesterday I discovered the local safeway’s has what I will term a british section with several favourites like real baked beans proper types of tea and assorted essentials like marmite and salad cream. They didn’t have any branston pickle tho and their selection of teas though better than most was restricted to PG tips and Typhoo.

Hey ho it’s off to Oregon I go

So I discovered this morning I’m supposed to fly off to Oregon next week unfortunately it’s the day after the concert I booked in to see and already paid for. As far as I can tell I’m supposed to fly down there to hold someone’s hand while they do something (details are sketchy) and help if some undefined event happens that it’s within my power to correct.

Crafting a Makerbot, Some Crafting of Stars, Some Metal Working, and Transatlantic Fishcon

Picked up a copy of Starcraft 2 at the weekend played some of the missions and so far it’s been pretty good some light rpg elements to the campaign ala Dawn of War 2 and a good solid RTS game. They may have taken their sweet time making the thing but it seems to have paid off.

I was dreaming that I was dreaming about dreaming about watching Inception but it turned out that was a dream

Went to the cinema decided I wanted something upbeat and humorous so asked for a ticket for “despicable me” but found when I got to the screen I’d actually got a ticket for Inception … it was like this dream I had once where I was a anthropomorphic pig flying biplanes … or was that Porco Roso.

Back to the DMV

I spent another morning waiting in line. When going over my temporary license I noticed it had a restriction on it for corrective lenses, since I don’t wear glasses I suspected this would cause me grief since legally I the couldn’t drive on it without my non existent glasses.

Just a little bit further

Went for another bike ride yesterday got just slightly past the place I stopped last time and discovered the way ahead blocked by flooding. Probably shallow enough I could have rode through but could feel my legs running out of juice and the sun was setting so I called it a day.