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The current panic on drones near airports

There has been a spate of incidents where the various news outlets have someone flying a drone (insert stock picture of a dji phantom 2 here) within feet of an aircraft!

Unless they've suddenly stopped making aircraft out of aircraft grade aluminium and decided to start using paper a drone is not going to bring down a jet airliner. If it hits its props will snap and it will plummet out of the sky.

Great Games I've Played Recently

There have been a lot of great games popping up recently some big names others not so much and with a load more on the horizon I thought I'd do a little roundup before I forget.

Rebel Galaxy:
I think of this as Firefly the game it's basically redneck elite. You fly about a colourful space universe trading mining shooting(either good/milita or bad/pirates) etc your way along upgrading your ship with bigger and better equipment then bigger and better ships all to a cowboy rock soundtrack.

PAX Prime Approaching

Tomorrow evening I fly out to Seattle for Pax Prime and I'm really looking forward to it. Last year byrnie and myself attended PAX prime then flew to newzealand which was astonishingly tiring PAX by itself can be quite overwhelming add 13hr flight and crossing the dateline so you lose a day and it's not fun. We has planned for it and spent our first day in Auckland draining countless cups of coffee and generally looking bewildered at the time shift.

Back in the USSSSA

So I got my Visa and got back to the US not without some drama. The visa turned up on monday about 4 hours after they promised it would appear but given it had been quite snowy and traffic hard I was willing to forgive that it also meant I was back from darkest Suffolk after Fishcon to receive my passport in person which required no form of ID.