Showcase Cinema, Reading is rubbish

A brief guide on how to cock up an otherwise wonderful evening. First, try using the Showcase Cinemas website. It's not very nice to look at but it tells you what you need to know. Try booking tickets. If you get a 500 Server error, try phoning them. If they ask why you're not using the website, don't tell them it isn't working because they'll hang up. Try phoning again.

Help me EMW! You're my only hope.

Sorry to do this via a blog post but really I've tried everything including google.

EMW I presume you have worked out how to heal your team mates in Mass Effect. How the fuckety fuck does one heal their team mates. All I can find is press button Y which has lead to me being juiced up to the hilt whilst my collegues and co-workers die like kittens in an industrial blender.