Trust no one, Report everything, Suspect everyone

You will probably by now have been subjected to the huge number of paranoid ravings on the radio tv and now as part of a poster campaign ( about terrorism and how we must all spy on our neighbours and report them no mater what since we aren't to know what is suspect and what is not.

Good luck Pezza and Zwei

The outlaws left Lower Earley this morning to be en-route to Cambodia. Two years in Cambodia working for the VSO. They were all very excited this morning, trying to screw every last kilo out of their luggage allowance. we'll see them again in August when they return for a wedding, so it's not going to be too long. They do have a Blogger account but I can't find the damn thing at the moment.

Celebrate us leaving the country! No, wait...

'lo all.

Matt and I are soon to be off around the planet. To celebrate us leaving you in peace for five weeks or so, we'll be having some drinks on Saturday the 8th of March.

We'll be starting early, around lunchtime, and will be inhabiting the pub until into the evening, to selflessly allow people to drop in whenever is good. Or to drink a lot. Definately one of those.

Showcase Cinema, Reading is rubbish

A brief guide on how to cock up an otherwise wonderful evening. First, try using the Showcase Cinemas website. It's not very nice to look at but it tells you what you need to know. Try booking tickets. If you get a 500 Server error, try phoning them. If they ask why you're not using the website, don't tell them it isn't working because they'll hang up. Try phoning again.