Help me EMW! You're my only hope.

Sorry to do this via a blog post but really I've tried everything including google.

EMW I presume you have worked out how to heal your team mates in Mass Effect. How the fuckety fuck does one heal their team mates. All I can find is press button Y which has lead to me being juiced up to the hilt whilst my collegues and co-workers die like kittens in an industrial blender.

A post of two halves

As I was filtering through the inordinate amount of spam and crap I get in my inbox this morning, I spotted an email offering a reduced entry into the Windsor half-marathon in September. Before I realised it I was starting to complete the info and dig out my card. I managed to stop just in time...after all, I have New Year Resolutions to keep...

I Love the BBC

This year I have enacted my plan to go to a developing country, I have been plotting a trip to Uganda for some time but since the bit I want to go to is close to the Kenyan border it seems like a crappy plan.