I have return from the bonny north with pics a plenty and legs that have yet to forgive me. I will be in work most of the weekend but hope to have picassa etc... sorted out in the next couple of days, whence photos shall appear.

Multiple Choice: 1) a) Rock Band or b) Guitar Hero 3, 2) a) On Ps2 or b) Next Gen

I have a confession to make, I have been not so secretly spreading the guitar hero meme for over two years now, and it feels good. Every time I corrupt another soul with the dark fire of star power, bending their minds to the rock gods with promise of multipliers and whammie bars, I get a rush better than any drug known to mankind.

My first day cycling into work

I aimed to set off this morning at 07:30, giving myself a full hour to get there, get showered and sat at my desk as normal. I got all my stuff together the night before so that I could concentrate on just checking the machine over and getting started. I left at 07:28 and ploughed on up to the the Rushey Way, Beech Lane, Wilderness lane, Wokingham road and on.

Shooting stuff

This last weekend I went on a Basic Coaching Course with the Air Training Corps (ATC). The usual panic of trying to get all the paperwork signed and apporved, and find the documentation we were meant to bring was added to by my car springing a heater matrix leak which makes it unsuitable for long trips.