My first day cycling into work

I aimed to set off this morning at 07:30, giving myself a full hour to get there, get showered and sat at my desk as normal. I got all my stuff together the night before so that I could concentrate on just checking the machine over and getting started. I left at 07:28 and ploughed on up to the the Rushey Way, Beech Lane, Wilderness lane, Wokingham road and on.

Shooting stuff

This last weekend I went on a Basic Coaching Course with the Air Training Corps (ATC). The usual panic of trying to get all the paperwork signed and apporved, and find the documentation we were meant to bring was added to by my car springing a heater matrix leak which makes it unsuitable for long trips.

The CockGoblin Awards

I'd like to dedicate this post to all the fucktards out there. A proper idiot, one with a true lack of class that puts them head and shoulder below the rest of humanity, has a completely misplaced pride in their in-eptitude and stupidity. They go beyond mere ignorance, and off into the realms of vanity in stupidity. The internet was invented for such people.

28 reasons why I should hang my football boots up for good.

Last night I played in two of the most embarrassingly bad games of football that I have ever witnessed.
A week ago I was approached by a colleague and was asked if I'd be available to play a six a-side game at Rivermead against a team from marketing, unfortunately for us a lack of game-plan, determination and talent led to an epic drubbing 17-1.

If you'd like to waste your time; Press 1.

Menu’s for call centres are apparently a modern convenience to help handle our calls better. But better for who? It certainly doesn’t feel like it’s better for me as I find myself randomly stabbing a series of numbers like a lab rat hoping for a biscuit. Today my biscuit’s name is Mandy and although receptive to my problem, I can’t but help to feel I’ve just wasted my time.