Life is good

When I started in business last september I was worried about a huge ammount.

Looking back now I'm amazed at how well its gone, this month I'm on target to have a very good month and its only the 1st.

Yes as usually I've landed on my feet, but there's no reason for me to knock that.

Life is good.

Rip off Britain

I've been looking at some of the new ultra portables coming along with interest. I have for a while been interested in getting a nice portable laptop for doing stuff on the move that doesn't require me to take out a second mortgage or sell some of my organs on the black market.

Half Life 2

I've been playing Half Life 2 recently, since EMW bought the Orange Box and passed his HL2 and HL2:E1 licences to me... cheers mate.

The game is well done, pretty and plays well. The physics is nice. For reference, although a recent patch changed the default difficulty to easy, I'm playing on normal. Sorry, no funky screenshots like Pete's, thought about this while walking in.


I have return from the bonny north with pics a plenty and legs that have yet to forgive me. I will be in work most of the weekend but hope to have picassa etc... sorted out in the next couple of days, whence photos shall appear.

Multiple Choice: 1) a) Rock Band or b) Guitar Hero 3, 2) a) On Ps2 or b) Next Gen

I have a confession to make, I have been not so secretly spreading the guitar hero meme for over two years now, and it feels good. Every time I corrupt another soul with the dark fire of star power, bending their minds to the rock gods with promise of multipliers and whammie bars, I get a rush better than any drug known to mankind.